BTS wins Div 1 Championships

BTS defeats TS in game 2 of the finals of division 1 to win it all.

BTS did what they did best. The controlled the neutral zone well and offensive zone entry. TS had a full 5 on 3 in the second period, but failed to find the back of the net. They had some trouble gaining the zone as BTS did a good job standing them up at the blue line and sending the puck down.

Leroy Ho scores 2 goals to give his team the edge followed by Jason Huber & Ryan Kollmuss also finding the back of the net.

Daniel Nielsen & Matt Chang were the only goal scorers as TS tried to mount a comeback in the third, but just fell short on another power play opportunity.

Great sportsmanship to TS overall as their players lined up during the trophy & medal presentation in respect to BTS winning. Overall a fun series to watch and hopefully we'll get to see these teams again.