Championship Predictions

League predictions on which team will win it all!

Div A1


(Winner RKT)

Gators have advanced past BoW with an electrifying win 7-3. They have erupted and scored 7 unanswered goals to take the W to advance to the finals against RKT. These guys have always played with no more than 8 skaters, sometimes 7...sometimes 6. They're still a powerhouse. Whatever eating diet these guys are on...take notes, they got legs for days.

Dillin Penman & Riley Schmidt leads the team with 6 pts each. Jacob Mills is right behind with 5 pts respectively. Mills was battling a sickness so hopefully that is gone and he could focus on providing some more offense.
Always wondered how well these guys could actually do if they had some rest on the bench.

RKT has been sitting in the finals for quite a long time. Hope they could shake off the rust early with warm up.

Greg Kowalski has been a monster with 8 pts in 2 games.
Shermon Wong comes into the playoffs as one of the hottest playmakers with 6 assists...This guy has 6 assists total in 3 years in ICE604 so definitely an unusual trend. Look for him to light the lamp in the finals.
Trevor Yu & Michael Ramos seem to be on vacation still, somebody remind these guys that it's playoffs and the first step is to show up.
Will Mark Larsen score ever again after this shoulder injury?

Div A2


(Winner GTM)

TMS has had a steady season. 9 players in the double digit pts and all relatively close to each other. Very balance and all around skill based team. If TMS buckles down and players a tight defensive checking game, they will be able to steal this from GTM.

Omar Dhanani & Robert Chang leads the season with 15 pts each. Each with also 10 goals.

Balint Orban needs to become a wall in order to stop the overpowering scorers they have on GTM. He's stolen games before and looks like his team will need him more than ever.

GTM has had a phenomenal season with 11 wins and only 2 losses. They are coming in red hot with an 8 game win streak. Will they have everyone for playoffs this week as both teams are set for a best of 3 battle?

Aaqil Kassamali and Rehan Jessa leads the team with 29pts and 26pts as they have played almost all games this season.

Ali Currimbhoy 24 pts in 6 games and their captain Hafeez Dossa 19pts in 6 games are also notable mentions as they have only played half season.

Div B1


(Winner GBR)

Battle of the Giants are about to begin. MWW came in as the underdogs and have defeated the red hot MTB in 2 very close games. MWW is another team where they can be very deadly if they could keep a cool head and stay disciplined. They have tremendous skill that other teams should be weary of. MWW averages nearly 8 goals a game in an impressive regular season.

Chris Chebaya leads the team with 9 pts. 4 goals. This kid has hands of gold, he is elusive and is tough to play against for a small guy.
Alex Vidic has played 1 game and scored 4 goals. A phenomenal player that could be a game breaker.

GBR eliminated Whalers 2 games to 0 advancing to take on MWW. Gamblers have been a force on B1 and have been sitting top seed since day 1. Clear favorites to win the div if they could shut down some of MWW's top players.

Aside from MWW averaging 8 goals a game.
Anyone ever heard of Koray Ozel? He's not only the top goalie in the league with a blistering 9-1-0-1 record. A 0.904 Sv% with 2.79GAA. These are NHL stat-like numbers.

Phil Nguyen represents the pride of Vietnam with 4 goals leading GBR's.
Tyler Beliveau leads the season in scoring and is right behind with 3 assists so far.

Brad Joseph , Kp Kainth & Trevor Wadden have been quiet all series as 3 of the players have collected a below average 1 pt...all together. Look for these big 3 to show up hungry in the finals and provide some scoring.

Div B2


(Winner NMD)

Very close games against BZR's, but SPT has come out on top.

Chris Cronin their leading scorer in the season has only played 1 game with 0 pts. Somebody needs to tell this guy to show up to games, but the good news is that they're getting it done without him. They are awaiting their next opponent from UWB & NMD.

Matt Jung with 5 pts leading the team in the playoffs. Where was this guy all season?
Jordan Czelenski, always ever so consistent, when the team needs him, this guy will show up.

NMD defeats UWB in an exciting shootout making them advance to the finals against Gilbert Chai and his SPT's. NMD are a team that play extremely well together and have some strong chemistry. Mathew Ng & Eric Johanson leads the team in goals with 8 a piece in the regular season and has very divided scoring down the roster. Depth is probably their strongest asset coming into the finals and the rule of hockey is, if half your team is scoring, you'll likely win the game.

Micah Wyant leads the team with 4 goals in 2 games followed by Parm Kooner with 3 assist.

Jordan Scott is playing well with a 1.42GAA and a 0.906 Sv% in the first 2 games only letting in 3 goals. 

Div C1


(Winner TPB)

PKK has been playing great hockey so far. Brian Wong has been stellar in net 0.95GAA and 0.909SV%. PKK has been getting it done as a team without the help of their 2 leading season scorers. TPB is no walk in the park, they are probably their toughest challenge yet.

Satwant Sodhi, their leading goal scorer for the season is quiet with 1 assist only in 2 games. Looks like he needs a red bull or something to wake up.
Yoshi Hisanaga  19 pts in the season. 1 assist in 2 games in playoffs.

TPB has advanced to the finals with a win over IHK. They have a burst of offensive talent that could rival the upper divs if they could stay out of the box. Once they keep discipline and play their game, TPB could take this division.

Rudy Van Blankenstein leads the team with 10 pts. He has carried momentum into the post season and continues to lead by example, he is the heart and soul of their team. I'm sure his teammates disagree.
Michael Curson is right behind him with 9 pts respectively.
Ty Wood has not played a single game in the playoffs yet, but with the way they are playing do they even need him at this point?

Div C2


(Winner NHK)

NHK overpowered WOL's in the semi finals and has advanced to take on EAS. Team chemistry seems to be going well for NHK and if they could show up in the finals, they are for certain to take the cake this year.

Caley Hui 5 goals in 2 games? Looks like Caley has found the fountain of youth again. He is finally realizing that if he stays out of the box, he's not so bad.
Malcom Mckinnon with 6 assists and leads the teams in points. He's definitely feeding Caley the puck.

EAS is overall another balanced team from front to back. Very divided scoring which some teams will realize that it is much harder to play against. NHK is going to be a challenge for EAS

Chad Woodworth, Leonard Ko & Shaun Bucsis leads the team with 4 pts each.

Div D1


(Winner RKS)

RKS made quick work of NHK2 putting them away in 2 games sweep. Patrik Kriz is leading the team with superb point totals in the season almost unreal stats to be  honest. Is this finally their year? They are resting up waiting for FSQ or CPD.

Colin Wong, Bradley Caldwell & Patrik Kriz leads the team with 3 goals a piece.

Danny Dang and FSQ have eliminated CPD in an exciting 3 game battle to advance.
They will need to figure out a formula on how to stop RKS' monster Patrik Kriz from scoring is probably their main focus.

Mike Andersen leads the team with 6 goals and 8 pts.
Alex Galea and Edward Lin have also heated up with 5 pts each coming into the finals.

Div D2


(Winner GDW)

They may not have beautiful statistics. But they have a team system nobody can figure out right now. GDW defeated KBI with a 11th round shootout to take the first game and then 3-0 to complete the sweep sending them home for the summer.

William Chu, their #1 defenceman has taken the team on his shoulders and leads with 3 pts.
Kevin Fong their top line center hasn't woken up yet with 0 pts in 2 games. Look for him in the finals to wake up.
Vincent Ong has shut the doors in the semis with a whopping 0.957 Save %. Will he be able to carry that momentum into the finals?

Div E1

VG vs CNS 

(Winner CNS)

They may not have a good record, but the players look like they are improving game by game. VG eliminated FLY sweeping them in 2 games to make it to the finals. If VG could figure out a formula to take away CNS's top 2 players, they may possibly win this whole thing.

Tyler Kristensen leads team with 5 goals and 1 assist.
Cormac Brennen leads team in assists with 4.
Felix Li holding down the fort with 7GAA. 53 Saves 0.883GA in 2 games.

CNS advances with a win over RCS in game 3. Richard Selman with 10 goals in 3 games, has been an absolute monster. He currently sits at 12 pts leading all standings. Farooq Mian follows with 7 pts in 1 game, always a consistent player for CNS. With this much fire power it's hard to select them as the favorites to win.

**Predictions as of Aug 11th**