Final Spring 2018 Power Rankings

This is the final Power Rankings of the Spring 2018 season. Will there be big surprises in ranking changes?

Div A1

Having had a record of 3-1 at the time of the first power rankings the Gators have stayed consistent with a record of 3-1 in their previous 4 to bring them to 6-2 on the season. Their Goal Differential of +30 is 3rd in the league and extremely impressive given that they've only faced off against Div A opponents. With that being said, there may be some cracks in the Gators armour as they hold an 0-2 record against the second ranked Rocketeers this season. Riley Schmidt continues to tear up the league with a ludicrous 25 goals in 8 games. The Gators are also tied with the Killerbunnies(9 games played) as the most penalized team in the league with 71PIMS
2(2)(-1)RocketeersThe Rocketeers drop a spot in our updated rankings to second overall despite the fact that they are yet to lose to the lone team above them in the standings. The reason being they have dropped 4 of their last 5 games, 1 to each of the Div A2 teams and twice to the 3rd Div A1 team. Their 5-0 start has all but been erased now sitting at 6-4. Even with the recent struggles there should be no panic from the Rocketeers who still hold down the first seed in the standings and have their last two games of the year against A2 opponents -- the perfect opportunity to right their wrongs going into the postseason.
Boys of Winter
It looks like the Boys have started to find their game in the middle of the season. After allowing 40 goals through their first 5 games they cut that down to only 23 allowed through the next 5. Though their record still leaves something to be desired, especially beside the records of other Div A1 members, they've won 3 of their last 4 including 2 wins in 2 games against the Rocketeers..

For those keeping track at home, in each teams 2 most recent games against each Div A1 opponent;The Gators are 0-2 vs Rocketeers but 2-0 vs BoW.Rocketeers are 2-0 vs Gators but 0-2 vs BoW.Boys of Winter are 0-2 vs Gators but 2-0 vs Rocketeers.Some interesting Rock, Paper, Scissors action going on here.

Div A2

1(4.)(-1)The Gentlemen
The Gentlemen are definitely one of the hotter teams in the league. Winners of their last 4 straight and 6 of their last 7 including a victory against the Rocketeers, with all that in mind their ranking may seem peculiar but looking deeper into the games a problem arises. Over the last month the gentlemen have only played teams in Divs B1/2 and C1 besides their big win last game vs the Rocketeers. The Gentlemen still have 4 games left this year to prove that they took belong in the top division, closing the season with games against Rocketeers and Gators will tell us what we need to know. Ali Currimbhoy has taken over the team with 21 points in 5 games this year.
2(5)(-1).Team Moose SalamiTeam Moose Salami have had an extremely balanced season thus far. No games have been decided by more than 4 goals either way and their record currently sits at 5-4 with a +1 goal differential, tied with Blazers(-1) for the closest differential to even. TMS is in the unique situation of being one of the two teams in the lone 2-team division making the playoff rivalry much more exciting. Finishing the season with a game against each of the 3 Div A1 teams should get them up to speed heading into the playoffs. Continuing with their balanced season, no player is averaging over 2 points per game, and only 5 skaters are averaging under 1ppg.

Div B1

After what was definitely a snub in the first edition of the Power Rankings I'm sure the Gamblers will be much more happy with their position now, jumping 11 spots(a third of the league!) to 6th overall. With a league best record of 8-1, league best goal differential of +44 and a league leading 6-game win streak they show no sign of slowing down. All they've done since being promoted to B1 is have their second biggest win of the year, a 12-2 win over the Whalers. Along with Tyler Beliveau's team leading 17 goals(3rd in the league) and 25 points goaltender Koray Ozel deserves some credit posting a .913 SV%(2nd in the league) and a 2.44GAA(3rd in the league).
2(7)(0)MasterbladersAfter starting the year 0-5 the Masterbladers proved our optimistic first ranking correct as they stay exactly where they were. They have rattled off 4 straight wins since last update and now look poised to compete for the top prize in B1. This Sunday at 4:00PM the Masterbladers will play the Gamblers for the first and last time this regular season, more than likely a precursor to what we will see in the playoffs. Nick Cecconi is pacing the team with 9 goals and 6 assists in just 4 games.
3(8)(+3)Men With WoodThe Men with Wood own the second best goal differential in the league at +33. They have done a great job climbing the standings, jumping multiple divisions throughout the season and it seems they have now found their home. Their lone game against a Div B1 opponent was a tight 11-8 loss to the Masterbladers, 2 of their 3 remaining games come against the other 2 B1 teams, giving them a taste of everyone before the important games start. Alex Vidic continues to lead the team with 19 goals(second in the league) and 23 points in 5 games, good enough for a 4.6ppga.
The Whalers were on a 4 game winning streak before running into the red hot Gamblers, unfortunately for them all 4 of those wins came against teams now in lower Divs. Their next 3 games will give them a chance at everything, with Div A2,B1, and B2 opponents they will have both measuring stick games, and statement opportunities. The most important game is there next one TomorrowSaturday the 14th vs new divisional foe MWW. Andrew Hart was leading the team in goas, assists, and points after 4 games this year but Brant Hardy has taken over the assist lead with 9, Hart still leads in goals(10) and points(16)

Div B2

1(10)(+3)NomadsThe Nomads look to be the sneaky dark horse team in Div B2. They've played everyone in this new formed div once, and hold an divisional record of 1-2, but since those losses they have faced much stiffer competitions and kept those games very competitive, the most recent divisional game was a 9-4 win over the Blazers. No player had managed more than 5 points through their first 4 games but since then Sean Friesen has grabbed the reigns with a team leading 6 goals and 11 points in his 7 appearances.
2(11)(-3)SpartansThe Spartans and Underwear Bears have had very similar seasons to date, but due to the Spartans 1 goal victory in the teams only matchup were giving Spartans in the edge in the rankings. On a Current 4 game losing streak their next 2 games come against teams in higher divs before finishing the season with a big game versus the aforementioned Underwear Bears. The Spartans 31GF are the lowest of any team in the top 4 divisions however goaltender Brian Yip is top 8 in both major goalie stats.
3(12)(-2)Underwear BearsThe Underwear Bears may be on a 3 game losing streak however two of those games were against the two Div A2 teams while the other was a B1 matchup. Their last 3 games of the season are all very intriguing with the first game tomorrow against the Nomads a real good test, followed by the B1 favourite Gamblers before ending the year with a rematch versus the very evenly built Spartans squad. Jimmy Ly has almost double the points of the next highest scorer with 11G, 12A and 23P on the year, good enough to crack the top list of each stat category on the stat leaders page of the website.
They Blazers only have 1 win in the last 4 and like every team in this division are on a multi game losing streak, luckily for them their last 2 games are against div C1/2 teams, which will give them a chance to enter the playoffs on a strong note. Craig Lee Sun has been strong for the Blazers with 8G, 7A and 15P on the season in 7 games, and hes had some help from Derek Patrao, 14 points in 8 games, other than the two of them the Blazers will need to find an extra spark to do any damage in the playoffs

Div C1

1(13)(-7)Trailer Park BoysThe Trailer Park Boys are one of the most curious cases in the league. With Top Div potential but mid division work ethic it will be interesting to see where they end the season. They are the first team to be ranked higher than a team in an above division but with back to back wins vs B2 teams, coupled with 2 1 goal loses to B1 teams and a victory against A2 teams it seems like they can play anywhere and will play to the level of their opponents. If they can buckle down for the playoffs they should be able to clean up this division.
2(15)(-3)Mighty High HorseMighty High Horse are on a small 2 game winning streak with one of those against division rival Pukkake, before that they were served two loses by higher Div teams, something that helped prepare them for their in-div games. With 3 games left on the schedule for them they will get two matchups with C2 teams before ending the season with a good test against the Ice Hawks whom they have yet to play this year but very well may meet in the playoffs.
Puckkake have enjoyed a very solid season so far with only 2 loses on their record. On a current 6-1 streak Pukkake's next 2 games against Ice Hawks and Trailer Park Boys will let everyone know who has whose number going into the postseason. Goaltender Brian Wong sits second in the league with a 2.33GAA and 3 in SV% at .906, he will look to continue his strong play in this more competitive Div.
Ice Hawks

Before their last game was cancelled the Ice Hawks had outscored opponents 23-1 in their last 2 games. Their last lost came against now division rival Pukkake, and their next game, this Monday is their first chance at redemption with important division seeding on the line but with 4 games left to go there is still lots of hockey to be played before needing to jump in playoff mode. Taylor Fargey leads the squad with 26 points in just 6 games, good enough for 4th in the league in points and second in points per game with more than 1 game played.

Div C2

1(18)(-4)NighthawksAlthough none of the teams in this new Div C2 have played eachother yet the Nighthawks get the early edge in the power rankings due to their strength of schedule so far as they started the season in higher Divs. They they didn't win either of their last two games, the played a strong Pukkake team to a 4-3 final and before that were able to secure a tie against the polarizing Trailer Park Boys. Their game tomorrow vs Eatery All-Stars will be one to keep an eye as the power structure of this division becomes a little clearer.
2(19)(-4)Eatery All-StarsThe Eatery All-stars have also spent some time in higher divisions trying to navigate a very competitive middle of the league and like the Nighthawks have only managed to secure 2 wins so far this season. Even though it was just mentioned it deserves saying again, their game coing up this weekend vs the Nighthawks is very important not only for self confidence, but divisional seeding and playoff implications as well. No player on EAS has more than 8 points this season... luckily enough Eugene Mak has managed that in only 4 games so far, hopefully he will be able to make more games going forward.
3(20)(+7)Spartans 2Spartans 2 have a respectable 6-3 record so far this year. However with no games played against teams in their current division or higher, and none schedule before the end of the year it will be up to them to bring a new energy out in these last 3 games and play a faster style of game to have them ready for the opponents they will face in the post season. Their ace in the hole so far has been Matt Hurst who leads the team in goals(14), assists(11), and points(25). His 25 points are just 6 off of the league lead.
4(21)(-2)WolverinesRecently the Wolverines have been very poor against teams in the next div up and very strong against teams in the div below meaning that they should fit right in in this current div. Their schedule for the last 4 games is quite strong, with 2 games in higher divisions, 1 inside the div, and then dipping into the div below. They have shown flashes of being a really strong offensive team, but have had troubles keeping loses close of late. A little more urgency in these last 4 games will go a long way to helping them play strong in the playoffs. Julian booth has only played in 5 games to date but has 9 goals and 5 assists to lead the team with 14 points.

Div D1

1(22)(+1)Fighting SquirrelsWe may have been right to have the Fighting Squirrels atop of what was Div E at the time of the last power rankings as they've looked good since then. It has only been 2 games but both were good tight games including a win against divisional foe Rockstars. There lone win from earlier in the season came against now rival Nighthawks 2. Though they've had 5 different goalies on the year team defence has been key of late, only surrendering 10 goals in the last 4 games. One glaring issue for the Fighting Squirrels is that they have only managed 19 goals all season, hopefully someone can start finding the back of the net.
2(23)(-3)Nighthawks 2
Nighthawks 2 season has gone exactly how you'd expect, winning games against lower div teams, losing games to high div teams and splitting games within their division. They have 1 more game against a lesser opponent before jumping back to close out the year with 2 games against C2 opponents, games that should be used to get them ready for playoff pace. Only having played 3 games so far Garett White leads the team in points with 12 thanks to his 10 assists. He will need to be sure he makes 2 more games this season to qualify for the playoffs.
The Rockstars jump into D1 with the best season record of any other team here at 7-2. With that noted, all 7 wins were against teams in lower tiers and the 2 losses were against Fighting Squirrels and Nighthawks 2, both games were very close. Rockstars goalie Jason Smith is the only goalie in the league with 2 shutouts, he also is second in wins with 7 and 4th with a 3.00GAA. and just like earlier in the season Patrik Kriz is leading the team in goals(16) assists(11) and points(27) while sitting tied for second overall in the league points race.
Camp DouglasCamp Douglas is coming off of a 0-0 tie which you do not see often in Ice604. Prior to that they alternated wins and loses for 4 games playing teams from C2, D2, and E1. Camp Douglas is in the unfortunate situation of playing what seems like less intense games as they get closer to playoffs, starting with a very intriguing division match-up on Sunday vs the Fighting Squirrels, then dropping to play a D2 team, following that up with the season finale against a bottom tier team. Hopefully they will be able to find their own motivation in those games to ensure they are ready for playoff hockey in D1. Jason Minarto and Matt Kerslake both lead the team with 18 points on the year.

Div D2

Gundam WingsThe Gundam Wings have had a very hard schedule based on where they currently sit now and they've done remarkably well playing against teams as many as 4 div's higher. Tough competition to close out the year (C2, D1, D2) is nothing they cant handle and I see them doing very well in this new tier. July 22 vs the Killerbunnies will be a game to watch. With only one player averaging a point per game so far emphasis will need to be on making smarter offensive plays and getting more pucks on net.
Jabba Da PuckJabba Da Puck don't have the best record this year at 3-5-1 but they do have 3 games under their belt against teams now in their division and they have yet to lose with a tie vs Gundam Wings and two 1 goal wins against both Killerbunnies and McKesson Jets, which means this division is anyone's to take. If JDP is going to take it they are going to need to take care of the defensive end of the ice as they have allowed 10 more goals than any other team in this div.
KillerbunniesThe Killerbunnies played to a 0-0 tie in there last game which should seem odd, but when you look at league stats and realize goaltender Anthony Hicks is first in GAA at 2.13 and first in SV% at .924 it starts to make sense. KBI has the 6th fewest goals scored this year, yet still has a positive goal differential (+2) thanks to Hicks heroics. Closing out the season with 3 strong opponents (NHK2, GDW, SPT2) Hicks will need to continue his strong play and the KBI skaters will need to brainstorm ways to get their goalie a little more run support.
McKesson JetsThe McKesson Jets started the season 0-5 before rattling off wins in 3 of the next 4. With loses and wins coming against team both above and below them in the standings you can never really be sure which Jets team is going to show up. Consistency will be their motto as the close out the season with 3 games versus bottom div teams. Steve Blackwell has 16 points in 6 games and is the only Jet flying over 10 points currently.

Div E1

Chicks & SticksWe're giving Chicks & Sticks the distinction of ranking in as the top div E team due to that fact that they have multiple scorers which seems to lacking from this Div. Farooq Mian(21points), Richard Selman(17) and Thai Hong(11) rank 1st, 2nd, and 5th in terms of divisional scoring leaders. Although their record so far this season leaves much to be desired(1-2 inside the division) big time players are there for big time moments, hopefully for CNS there big players can show up when the need them most down the stretch.
Flying SquirrelsThe Flying Squirrels currently hold the best in-division record at 2-1 having a win and loss against the Grizzlies and a win against CNS. Just 3 games ago the Flying Squirrels beat the C2 Spartans, a game that they need to remember going forward. With games still to be played versus the Grizzlies and Rain City Red Star the Squirrels should have nothing on their mind besides finishing with the top spot in the division.
Vancouver GrizzliesThe Vancouver Grizzlies are the 3rd of only 4 teams to not have moved up or down in the power rankings, whether that is a good thing or a bad thing is for you to determine. The Grizz' have 3 shutout wins in their last 4 games, 2 of which were divisional match-ups and one was a date with C2 residing Spartans 2. With 2 divisional games left, one against currently Div leaders FLY, the Grizzlies have the opportunity to secure first place and the right to play Rain City Red Star to start the playoffs.
Rain City Red StarRain City Red Star are 8 games in and still searching for their first taste of victory. I'm not sure if their -40 goal differential is correlation or causation but there is still room for hope. They have yet to play a team in this division, meaning they've only played tougher opponents so far, and they manged to keep 2 of their last 3 games within 1 goal (versus D1 and D2 opponents). RCS closes the season out with 3 divisional games and with those could not only get their first wins of the season but could feasibly take over first place in the division by winning them all. Things may seem dark now, but there's still 33% of the season left for them and hopefully they got their loses out of their system at the right time,

*Rankings as of morning of Friday July 13th