GoalieUp & ICE604 Partnership

ICE604 Hockey League proudly introduces GoalieUp as a partner supporting the league.

If you are in dire need of a goalie, think of this app as an "Uber" for goalies. They find you the nearest goalie who has this app active and it pings them when a team needs a goalie. The goalie will respond and will be responsible for showing up.

There has been quite a bit of traction of goalies registering and using this app here in Greater Vancouver. They are on stand by and get notifications when teams are looking for goalies.

Initial Cost: $15 for the App & $25 paid to the goalie. $40 is the in-market price to have a goalie play same day or on short notice.

ICE604 League is added onto the App so you can search our league.

Download the App or visit them below to register for just emergency case situations.


If you have any questions regarding the app send an email to info@goalieup.com.