NHK wins Div 2 Championship

Tim Shew & NHK stuns MTB as they win in an exciting shootout fashion.

Tavis Lui scores the OT winner as he plays hero to take the championship home on NHK soil.

The game was tight and score was 0-0. Both teams were taking extreme precautionary measures to not take a penalty all game long. No scrums after the whistle, no one trying to get under another person's skin. This was an all around old fashion pure hockey style type of play. Each team knew the cost and risks involved and what a game it was.

MTB hit the post 3 times in the 3rd period beating Chris-Chan Henry, but unable to find the back of the net. Evan Kraemer missed a glorious feed by Andrew Lucarino and the story was set in stone from there. OT solved nothing and shootout was the deciding factor.

Matthew Gibbons gave it his all this game stopping 30 shots in regulation and overtime, but fell short in shootout.

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